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What makes us different…


A Kairos Enviro Home is not your average new home.  Using the latest innovative materials and advanced building system, Kairos Enviro Homes are:


  • Affordable and adaptable
  • Built with non-combustible materials to help protect you and your home from fire
  • Built with moisture resistant materials to help protect your home from flood damage
  • Built with innovative energy efficient materials to keep bills low
  • Fitted with smart technology for energy monitoring and control
  • Built and installed in just 13 weeks
  • High quality complete package for comfort and ease


We take the time to carefully assess your site, discuss your preferences and needs to ensure we understand how you would like to live in your home, now and in the future.  Our designs can accommodate a range of home sizes and features.  Choose from a ‘ready to go’ design if you are working to a budget, or a custom design to complement your lifestyle, needs and environment.



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Fire Resistant Materials

Building houses that can survive extreme weather events such as bushfires is challenging.  There is no single solution that will totally protect your home, but incorporating fire safety into the design of your new home or renovation decreases the risk of fire and ultimately could save both money and lives.  The Kairos Enviro Building System incorporates non-combustible materials that provide crucial fire protection.

Flood Damage Resistant Materials

A key feature of the Kairos Enviro Building System is the inclusion of moisture resistant materials. 

This provides increased protection to your home and belongings in the event of flooding.  A further benefit of this material, particularly relevant to the tropical Australian climate, is a resistance to mould. 

Thermal Efficiency

Improving thermal efficiency through the effective use of innovative materials saves on heating and cooling costs, and the environment.  Reduced energy usage through design is a key element of Kairos Enviro Homes, together with the integration of smart technology enabling you to monitor and control energy usage from your mobile phone or tablet.


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Enjoy safety and great design together with a Kairos Enviro Home