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We know how tough it is to get your foot on the property ladder and buy your first home.   With a little innovation, there’s a property solution that can turn what seems IMPOSSIBLE into I’M POSSIBLE!

Using advanced modular design, sustainable materials designed to protect you and your home, and fitted with smart technology and energy efficient features to help keep those bills low, your first home can be affordable, stylish, high quality and great value. 

Our building system means that projects can be completed 30% to 50% sooner than traditional construction - a Kairos Enviro Home is typically completed in just 13 weeks from approval, so you can move into your new home faster.

Whether you have a plot of land ready for your new home, or a relative has adequate land within their existing property that they are happy for you to build on, Kairos Enviro Homes offer a great living and investment opportunity. 


Does a Kairos Enviro Home qualify for the First Home Owner Grant?

The First Home Owners’ Grant is a government initiative to help first home owners get their new first home sooner.  The scheme is funded by the states and territories and administered under their own legislation.  In most cases the grant can be applied to the construction of a new home, such as a Kairos Enviro Home. 

Example:  In Queensland you can use the $20,000 First Home Owners’ Grant to build a new house or granny flat.  This grant has been extended to 31 December 2017 so it’s well worth considering as part of your property investment strategy.

For more information on the First Home Owners’ Grant in your state and to check your eligibility, visit


Financing your Kairos Enviro Home 

Need help?  Kairos Group has associations with finance professionals and can assist by linking you with a qualified specialist.  Use our connections for your benefit.

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