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One of the main reasons for considering an extension or renovation is to add value to your property, either by improved space and lifestyle or capital gain. If you are happy with your location and just need a bit of extra space, extending your house is the perfect answer. If you are thinking about selling, an extension or renovation can significantly increase the value of your home whilst also making it more attractive to buyers and therefore easier to sell. 


Can Kairos Enviro Homes extend an existing home?

Absolutely!  If your site is suitable for an extension, we can customise our building system to increase space, improve the layout and upgrade your property. We will work with you so you are in control of the design process.  We might even come up with some new design features that you hadn’t thought of!   A lot of homes are not that small, they just feel small – even a small extension with an internal wall removed or converting a car port into living space can make a huge difference.  A well-designed renovation and extension can bring astonishing results.


Not all building systems are equal

Concerns about the quality and safety of building materials are at the forefront of everyone’s minds with recent global events; unnecessary tragedies are becoming all too frequent.  It pays to be careful and have the reassurance of the Kairos Enviro Home Building System which is:


  • Built with non-combustible materials to help protect you and your home from fire
  • Built with moisture resistant materials to help protect your home from flood damage
  • Built with innovative energy efficient materials to keep bills low
  • Adaptable – it can be customized to suit your requirements
  • Built to Australian industry standards by a licenced builder for peace of mind
  • High quality for comfort and ease
What Makes Us Different

The Process

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Stay safe!

Use the Kairos Enviro Home Building System for your renovation