No!  Kairos Enviro Homes are NOT pre-fabricated kit style packages.  Our advanced building system has significant benefits over kit homes:


  • Built with non-combustible materials to help protect you and your home from fire
  • Built with moisture resistant materials to help protect your home from flood damage
  • Built with innovative energy efficient materials to keep bills low
  • Fitted with smart technology for energy monitoring and control
  • Adaptable – they can be customized to suit your requirements
  • Built to Australian industry standards and typically installed in just 13 weeks by a licenced builder for peace of mind
  • High quality complete package for comfort and ease

Our pricing includes all relevant site costs, including service connections such as water, sewer, electricity and telecommunications if specified.

Once all building approvals and permits are in place, a standard Kairos Enviro Home is typically built and installed in just 13 weeks.

Need help?  Kairos Group has associations with finance professionals and can assist by linking you with a qualified specialist.  For your peace of mind, please note that we strictly do not accept referral fees from product or service providers, guaranteeing transparency and eliminating any potential conflict of interest.  Any referrals made are based only on their expertise, professionalism and proven customer service, and where we believe they may be of assistance to our client.


1.  Free site inspection and consultation. We carefully assess your site, discuss your preferences and needs to ensure we understand how you would like to live in your home, now and in the future.   We explain the whole process so that you know what to expect, which we agree in writing. 

2.  Quotation. Once we have conducted a site inspection, our team will provide you with a quote based on your site specific requirements and choice of Kairos Enviro Home.

3.  Contract. It’s time to begin the design and approval phase! This includes signing the pre-construction agreement and requires you to pay the design deposit.
4.  Design Process. This is the fun part! We will work on the final design of your project which includes the concept plan, detailed plans and final specifications to ensure your Kairos Enviro Home is built to the highest standard and adheres to all necessary regulations. Once complete, we sign off on a final design and the Kairos Enviro Home nominated builder is appointed.
5.  Soil Test. It is mandatory to have a soil test for every home site.  Every site is different and this test assesses the soil composition which determines the footings required.  Soil test results will determine final site costs.
6.  Building Engineered Drawings. Engineered drawings will be completed in accordance with the soil test and site condition.  Prior to lodgement at Council/submission to Building Certifiers, a further consultation takes place with you for any final adjustment of the plans and engineered drawings if required.
7.  Council Approval. We will prepare and submit your application to your local council/Building Certifier for approval. We look after all the paperwork including council approval, building permits and certification and liaise with Council Town Planners and other professionals and authorities on your behalf.
8.  Building Contract.  Upon Council approval, the balance of the design fee is due and the building contract is signed.  This is an industry standard contract and protects both parties throughout the construction of your new Kairos Enviro Home.  Prior to commencement of work a 5% construction deposit is required to be paid to the builder.
9.  Construction.  Once your contract has been signed, construction of your Kairos Enviro Home commences and is usually completed within approximately 13 weeks.
10.  Installation & Completion.  On completion of your Kairos Enviro Home we undertake final quality control checks and invite you to an onsite meeting to ensure you are completely happy with the finished project.

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