Granny Flats 


The Upside of Downsizing

There are a number of reasons why you might be considering moving to a new and smaller home -  it’s getting difficult to maintain a large house, you’re just looking for a change, the kids have moved out….or back in!

Granny flats can provide a wonderful solution for keeping families together. It may be important to you that your home remains in the family for the benefit of your children or grandchildren.  Having family close by, but retaining your own personal space and independence can help all concerned and provides peace of mind.

Downsizing can be invigorating! It’s a chance to create the home of your dreams and it’s much easier and cheaper to maintain a smaller home, creating more free time and extra cash to spend on doing the things you love. It’s time to get excited about making a lifestyle change….without even leaving your backyard!


Future-proofing your Home

We understand the practical considerations of designing homes to suit different chapters of your life.  Quality workmanship and a smart combination of design, layout and carefully thought out features means you can future-proof your Kairos Enviro Home and have the comfort and reassurance as you get older that you can remain in your home and the place that you love.


Creating Additional Income

A Kairos Enviro Home can be a highly successful investment property, creating a fast source of valuable income and adding value to your main property asset.

Australia wide there is a real need for more affordable housing. Granny flats are becoming an increasingly popular option for investors with many councils providing opportunities through their planning laws to allow granny flats as an investment option rather than restricting occupancy to immediate family.  You may be able to utilize your land to build a granny flat to rent out as an investment property, or you may choose to move into the granny flat and rent out your main property.   

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