Creating value through property is our forte


Kairos Enviro Homes can provide the perfect housing solution for developers, over 50’s lifestyle resorts, retirement villages and tourist parks. 


Agile and dynamic, we do business differently to give you the edge.  We embrace change and are constantly challenging tradition.  The expertise and diligence of our management team is delivered with drive and vision. Our specialist experience and personal approach really comes into its own when we develop innovative solutions to deliver maximum value and success for our clients.


Our advanced building system ensures minimal site disturbance including noise pollution and significantly reduces the build time compared to traditional ‘on-site’ construction.


Each project is different, so we tailor our services to suit your requirements.  There are many ways we can help:


  • Provide affordable, adaptable housing solutions with specific bushfire safety design features to protect homes from fire and the use of moisture resistant wall materials to help protect homes in the event of flooding.
  • Through the use of innovative materials and design, combined with smart technology, provide housing solutions that deliver increased thermal efficiency and reduced energy usage and cost;
  • Identification and acquisition of land and suitable development sites;
  • Total project management of the construction process;
  • Identification of opportunities to value-add to sites, maximising development potential;
  • Obtaining all development planning and environmental approvals, working closely with council and state agencies, local interest and community groups;
  • Creating and implementing marketing campaigns and securing necessary sales for a successful project.


The Kairos Enviro Building System and home designs can accommodate a range of house sizes and features, and can be customized according to your project needs.

What Makes Us Different

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