Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, Kairos specializes in the selling of your present home and can find you a new home tailoring to your needs.  We can assist you in finding your new key to the next exciting chapter of your life. 

Absolutely!  We understand everyone is different and offer a personalized consultation approach so our services are tailored to suit your needs.

Kairos can provide options of the most suitable living arrangements for your parents' needs.  We have an extensive network of specialists working behind the scene to ensure the smoothest transition possible.  We can provide assistance in all levels of care from independent living, through to assisted living and aged care facilities.

Independent Living options allow you to live life independently and safely in a new home, set within a friendly and supportive community atmosphere where you can be as active, or as private, as you want.
Assisted Living accommodation is a good choice when a little extra support is needed, without compromising freedom and independence.  This type of accommodation generally involves living in your own private purpose-built apartment, with additional support services tailored to your needs, eg the benefit of hotel-style services such as daily meals, weekly domestic and linen services.
Aged Care ensures higher levels of care and support is always there if needed. Residents have the peace of mind of 24/7 nursing care with the full spectrum of care services being provided including respite, dementia and palliative.

The key difference between them is the contractual and financial models that apply:


Over 50’s Manufactured Home Estate (MHE) or Lifestyle Resort

In a manufactured home estate, often also known as Lifestyle Resort or Village, the resident purchases and owns the house and pays a fee to the park owner (rent) for the land their home occupies and for upkeep of the communal facilities. If you are on a pension or benefit from Centrelink or Veterans Affairs, then you may be entitled to receive rent assistance.  When you sell your home in a manufactured home estate, usually all capital gains are yours and there are no exit fees (this may vary from village to village).

There are manufactured home estates to suit a wide range of budgets, from single level relocatable homes situated on large grounds with some communal leisure facilities, through to houses in luxury 5 star resorts. 

Retirement Village

Retirement villages are residential, multi-unit complexes that usually offer a range of health, leisure and support services.  Retirement villages can be single level or low rise villas on spacious landscaped grounds (a ‘horizontal village’) or low or high rise apartment blocks (a ‘vertical village’).

There are different tenure types available, but most commonly residents occupy their unit under a secure long term lease or licence (eg 99 years).  Essentially there are 3 financial components to purchasing a home in a retirement village:

  1. The initial purchase price of your new home
  2. A periodic fee that is charged for the services you receive at the community
  3. A Deferred Management Fee (DMF). The DMF is paid in the future when your home is resold.  The amount you get back depends of the terms of your contract and there can be many variables, so it pays to compare villages and the range of financial models available before choosing one to ensure it suits your current and future needs.
Speak to a specialist lawyer to ensure you understand the terms of any contract or agreement before committing, so you can make the right decision for you.


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