The Kairos journey

Why Kairos?

Just observing the unfolding global events around us, there is evidence that we are living in an interesting time of history.  The Ancient Greeks recognised time to be two specific entities and these are personified as Chronos and Kairos.


Chronos refers to a measurable season of time, or time on a linear scale with seconds, minutes, days, years and so on.  The physical appearance of Chronos is personified as an old, hunched and weathered man with a long beard carrying a scythe and an hourglass.  The resemblance of Chronos and the grim reaper is not just a coincidence.  He was a symbol to remind us that time is fleeting and life just happens to us.


In stark comparison Kairos is perceived as a young, muscular man who is an agile warrior with wings on his feet carrying scales and a weapon. He is seen as an empowered character poised to take swift action against injustice and he takes control of his circumstances. 


Where Chronos is quantitative, Kairos is qualitative.  Kairos refers to the right moment, the opportune moment, the perfect and divine moment when it meets divine destiny. The world takes a breath, and in the pause before it exhales, fates can be changed.  This is the season of history we are living in.


I recently heard a talk outlining the extraordinary times we live in.  Points that are defining the meaning of this Kairos season are:

 - Things that normally take years to happen are happening suddenly

- Unusual occurrences are happening against inconceivable odds

- The ways things come about makes no logical sense


My personal experiences with my family and business have given me my own personal Kairos moment.  It has led me to expanding my own ideas has influenced the designs of my future developments and those that I am a part of.  Everyday is a new opportunity to regain some of the time that was spent working hard and to start doing things you want to do.  I want to encourage you to step into this season and embrace the future.  Seize your Kairos moment and call us.


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