9 out of 10 Properties Resold Earn Profit Over June 2017 Quarter


The latest CoreLogic Pain & Gain June 2017 quarter report showed that indicative of the magnitude of the profits realised from property over the June 2017 quarter was property resales.  

The report showed that 89.8% of dwellings which resold over the period did so for more than their purchase price; a 0.3% increase from the March 2017 quarter result of 89.5%. Of the property types to resell over the period, houses scored top billing with profit gains of 92.1%, while unit resales achieved an 87.5% gain. 


Proportion of total resales at a loss/gain, houses vs units – June 2017 quarter



What is the Pain & Gain Report?  

A quarterly analysis of residential properties resold over the quarter & compares the most recent sale price to the previous sale price in order to determine whether the property sold at a gross profit or gross loss.  It provides a proxy for the performance of each housing market and highlights the magnitude of profit or loss the typical seller of a home makes across those regions analysed.  


Source: Cameron Kusher, Core Logic - CoreLogic Pain & Gain Report June 2017, Published 6 Oct 2017